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This wiki houses information about writing up projects for two lab courses taught by people in the VISTALAB.

The top of this page contains write-up instructions that are common to both classes, such as how to work with the Wiki. This is followed by separate sections describing issues and projects specific to the two classes:

The main course pages (including readings, syllabus and so forth) for the classes are on the Courseworks site.

See the Project Guidelines for advice on organizing your project wiki page .

For research and software tools please consult VISTALAB wiki.


Psych 202 (Cog Neuro)

Here is the launch page for Psych 202 projects for 2013. Please go to the project page to start building your wiki page.

Psych 221


PSYCH221 project writeups

Links to Psych 221 projects for this and previous years.

There is an archive for SCIEN-related courses on the SCIEN machine in Electrical Engineering. The archive contains projects from several different classes (EE 398A/B, EE 368, EE392J) and more than a decade of projects from Psych 221 (also known as EE 362).

Psych 284

In Spring 2011 the course will include a shared software project. There is a Psych 284 course wiki page for commenting and discussing about the software project.

Psych 204

Some years, but not all, we perform projects in Psych 204A.

 Psych 204 Projects 2009

Future projects will include simulations of the MR signal and potential measurement projects in the CNI scanner.

Grill-Spector now teaches Psych 204B. Contact her about projects beyond the one below.

Psych 204B Projects 2010

Psych 204B Projects 2012

Psych 204B Projects 2013


This section is for CAs. It will describe

  1. How students get their accounts and passwords - we have one password for everyone. They create their own project page and work within that.
  2. How we remove accounts at the end of the time - we delete them after class is over. The wiki pages stay up, though.
  3. Who has Bureaucrat/Sysop status on the Psych 221 teaching page? Brian, Henryk, Joyce

Bureaucrat/Sysop users can create an account at this page: Special:UserLogin

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